Block what you don't like, request what interests you


Give ads to your virtual pet (it eats them)


Navigate faster and help your favorite websites earn money


Adogre is a smart, fast and fun way to browse

Block all ads and access personalized offers, helping your favorite websites

Take ad easy! Browse ad-free

Adogre is an application for your browser that helps you put ads in their place: Why do they have to be all over the place, invading and slowing down page loading? Select when and what you want to see, you block the rest.

Access personalized offers

Interact with advertisers, ask for concrete offers and requests... You you have the power to communicate with brands and companies, you can say whether you like it or not and receive discounts and bids from the store closest to your house in real time.

Help the websites you like

The ads you see (if you see them, if you want to, if you feel like it...) help fund your favorite websites; every ad you see is divided into a percentage of advertising revenue between partner sites you browse.

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