Company: About Adogre

Adogre World

Adogre is an advertising and entertainment company that offers solutions for the three players that bring life to the internet: users, advertisers and web media content.


How Adogre works

We, the Internet users, decide what ads we want to see, or not, when navigating. Advertisers save money and promote things that cater to our interests through a dialogue and not shouting. Websites receive income for their work without managing or placing ads on their pages. This is how Adogre works.

For the user: Freedom

We begin with the foundation that ads are good. They inform, offer and remind us of things that we like. However, there are "some" Internet users bothered by invasive ads. We don't want ads popping up while we navigate, slowing things down.

Adogre is an online advertising company whose first service to the user is blocking all ads. Then, if users want, they can select the ads that interest them from a list and control when they see those ads. Thus, the most important of all is user freedom: with freedom, you can choose. Our philosophy is: "If you don't want to see anything, you don't. If something interests you, tell us. You're in control!"

For the advertiser: Segmentation

With the CPM system in free fall, and the CPC at a CTR of 1x1000 and a super mega fragmented market... You just can't seem to find your target? That's normal, it's because online advertising still has a long way to go in adapting itself to the Internet.

Let's add to this that these days, there are millions of users who either ignore ads or block them directly in their browsers.

Adogre offers advertisers an advertising channel compatible with other channels designed for this growing audience (or non-audience) that avoids ads because of the bothersome way they are presented.

Through Adogre, advertisers reach their target because the target is interested in their products and services. With this system, the investment is only made on the true target audience. Adogre truly let's you separate one by one. Advertisers connect directly with their target audience, one by one and throughout their browsing experience.

With Adogre, you won't have to make a media plan. Simply enter Adogre's DB and see the number of requests for specific products and services in real time and make your offer directly. The payment system is divided into sections, so you only pay for an ad when viewed by a user who has requested it. Additionally, when a video ad is not seen in full, you only pay a proportional part. Would you like to try? Your campaign starts here.

For websites: Monetization

Websites, along with users and advertisers are the main players on the Internet. Websites generate content and make the Internet interesting. So how do they make money? Most of the time, they do so or try to through advertising. And here we are again fueling the problem, more advertising, more movements, more tired users, more inefficiency... Got a website? Want to monetize? Join the Adogre Network recommend us: every user who browses your site and sees an ad with Adogre provides up to 80% of generated advertising revenue. In other words, you can monetize your content without hosting or managing ads on your site. Would you like to add your website to the free Adogre network? Do it here.