We're in the Gamma phase!

This site and their contents are under the efects of gamma phase, so it is not alpha or beta but just the opposite...

With gamma rays, anything is possible, from shrinking the universe and black holes swallowing stars, to a simple gamma-ray storm or the birth of the Hulk.

Come on, this is the beta version and things could explode at any moment. Please be patient and we will continue working on it!

The plugin is stable on Firefox 3.5 (better if you try it in Firefox 8). Early in Chrome! and a little less quickly in Explorer ... Or do we give up?

Ads and offers are a mix of real things and things wich have expired. We are working so that gradually, there will be content that interests you, which is useful and real.

Available pets are a prototipe. We look forward to get more pets; it depends on you!

Give us a hand and tell us what you think! Suggest, comment, criticize... Thanks a lot in advance.