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Monetize thanks to your users

Adogre shares a percentage of revenue from advertising with its entire media network, even if they do not display or manage this advertising.

Websites are the Internet. Content makes the Internet interesting.

Do you have a website? Do you want to monetize? Join the Adogre Network and recommend us: each user that navigates on your site and sees offers with Adogre will provide up to 80% of advertising revenue generated.

This means that you can monetize your content without having or even managing ads on your site. Do you want to add your website to Adogre's free network? Do it here.

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Whether you have a big or small website, with or without advertising, this interests you...

I don't have/ do not want to have advertising on my website:

  • If you don't have and/or don't want to have ads on your website, no problem. Adogre is your solution for monetizing content without having or managing ads. You just register your website in the Adogre network and start making money thanks to your audience.

  • No matter the size, color or taste... If you have a website, be it a large newspaper or a small personal blog, Adogre serves as a tool for monetization.

Make money thanks to your readers and regular users: if they navegate, your website earns

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  • Adogre works as an advertising channel compatible with your ad networks. You will continue earning through your regular networks when your users do not use Adogre, and you will also earn with those users that do use Adogre.

  • Adogre is a voluntary advertising channel; is the option that your audience can choose to view personalized advertising on demand.

  • On the other hand, if you're interested, you can offer Adogre to your current advertisers as an advertising channel, managing those clients yourself. (Consult with our team for more information).

  • Today there are millions of users that ignore ads or block them direclty in their browsers.

  • Adogre offers advertisers an advertising channel compatible with other channels designed for this growing audience (or non-audience) that avoids ads because of the bothersome way they are presented.

  • Through Adogre, advertisers reach their target because the target is interested in their products and services. With this system, the investment is only made on the true target audience. Adogre truly let's you separate one by one. Advertisers connect directly with their target audience, one by one and throughout their browsing experience.

1. Register your website in the Adogre network

Link your site to the Adogre network and make it a non-intrusive platform, you will gain users...

Registration is free and you just need to promote the use of Adogre.

There is no need to manage or place advertising on your website. Adogre is an advertising network where you don't need to advertise.

2. Your readers/users browse your website and...

When your readers or users browse with Adogre, they see offers.

The revenue from those ads will affect your benefits in proportion to the browsing of each user.

You can recommend the use of Adogre to increase your chances of monetization.

3. You receive income thanks to your readers that use Adogre

Adogre shartes up to 80% of advertising revenue with its network, even though members to do not display or manage ads.

Deposit your profit in your bank or Paypal account after the first €100