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Collaboration with Adogre

Joining the Adogre network is necessary Registering as adogre website. They will share advertising revenue with websites that actively recommend the use of Adogre by at least one of the buttons Adogre.269

Monetize thanks to your users

Adogre shares different percentages of advertising revenue with its network of partner websites, even though they do not display or manage the advertising.

Promotional material:

Besides this material, each website can do whatever it deems necessary to promote Adogre; the more users on your site that employ Adogre, the more chances to monetize. You can write a story, a report, a brief commentary...

Registry Resolution

Once you finish the registration process, each case will be studied individually. Adogre will give an answer with a reasonable time period to report the acceptance or not to the Adogre network based on the fulfillment of requirments. It is necessary to include at least one link to the Adogre website, the easiest and recommend way to link your website to some of the promotional pieces from Adogre.

Requirements and exceptions

Due to company policy, websites with violent, xenophobic, pornographic content etc., will not be admitted to the Adogre network. Adogre World reserves the right to admission. Any website may be expelled from the network for carrying out fraudulent practices.

To join the Adogre network, you need to complete the registration from and cooperate in filtering ads by informing Adogre of adservers being employed. Each membership application to the Adogre network will be studied and answered as quickly as possible.

Payment system

Payments will be made when requested by the webmaster and with revenue generated in full months through one of these two systems: -Paypal -Bank transfer

The minimum payments is €50 and €100 if done through a bank transfer. In the case that these quantities are not reached, payment will be accumulated for the following month.

Billing is based on Adogre's distribution algorithm, which measures and crosses users' browsing data and their advertising consumption. This algorithm contains variable formulas to detect possible frauds.

Net income from online media will entail up to 80% (according to final review by Adogre) of gross revenues generated by users. The accumulated balance will remain in force while such media actively recommend the use of Adogre.