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Ricardo Zapata Vazquez de la Prada

Ricardo Zapata Vázquez de Prada | OGRETHINK

Better known as Tato, founder and CEO of Adogre. He loves the world of the script and has been drawing comics since age six. A fan of skateboarding, class motorcycles and anything with wheels. He's a publicist, compulsive entrepeneur and president of the Bilbao Vespa Club (Club Vespa de Bilbao). He was founder and creative director of Underlink (advertising) and Citybrand (branding).

Daniel Sánchez Ausin

Daniel Sánchez Ausin | OGREDEV

Dani is passionate about free software, rock 'n roll and Puleva shakes. Bass player in BuNKer8 and scout since age eight. He's the Dr. Frankenstein (CTO) of Adogre. He cut, sew and gave life to the Ogre's movements, all from Linux. Code meticulously flows from his fingers to become usability. One defect is known: if you leave a donut closeby, it is highly likely to dissapear in 0.01 milliseconds.

Miguel Orzáez Joly

Miguel Orzáez Joly | OGRETECH

Miguel fiddles with everything that moves in the world of software development. Before, he was a pilot, air taxi, flight instructor and aerial photographer for an Internet company. In the Adogre offices, we already have access to the roof and we eventually hope to get a Harrier so Miguel can take us out for a spin from time to time.

Rafael López Hernández

Rafael López Hernández | OGRETRADE

Rafa is the commercial director at Adogre. Half G.I. Joe, half diplomat. If your sister met him, she would hate you because your mother wouldn't stop talking about him. Before finishing his studies in engineering, he enlisted as a paratrooper. He's a black beret and his last destination on duty was in Afganistan. He doesn't usually argue, so relax because the only thing he hits now is is a baseball.

Guillermo Ibeas Alonso

Guillermo Ibeas Alonso | OGREADVISOR

Guillermo es abogado, licenciado en derecho. Emprendedor en serie. Se ha especializado en desarrollo de nuevos negocios. Fue cofundador y director comercial de Artworks publicidad y de Aderta abogados y director de nuevo negocio de Grupo Núcleo XXI. Actualmente es asesor de varias empresas. Es quizás el miembro del equipo más apasionado con la filosofía del ogro.

Javier Romero Iribas

Javier Romero Iribas | OGREADVISOR

Economist. He is the managing director of a tax consulting firm and Family Office. He's a serious businessman. Discrete, he prefers to give less data in a profile like this. True, but he transforms with a deck and a couple of wise cracks. (When he reads this, he'll probably go all ogre and say something like "Do you have to say that I get all happy when I drink? Group of #@€%€&$!")

Picture of Adogre office Second picture of Adogre office