Adogre is a smart, fast and fun way to browse

Take ad easy! Browse ad-free

Adogre is an application for your browser that helps you put ads in their place: Why are they all over the place, being invasive and slowing down page loading? Choose if you want to see them and when. You block the rest. The Adogre application is currently available for Firefox and in Spanish. Soon, versions for Chrome, Explorer and other languages with updates.

Are you fed up?

That ads attack you while you browse? That you have to put up with ads that don't interest you? That they control what you see? Who controls your computer or your browser? Relate to advertising in a new, more intelligent way. Rebel today, for free!

Take control

*Block all ads and browse without undesired advertising
*Browse srtictly with the ads that interest you:

You decide what you see and when you see it. Have you downloaded the plugin for your browser yet? If not, you can do so clicking here

Access personalized offers

Interact with advertisers, ask for concrete offers and requests... You you have the power to communicate with brands and companies, you can say whether you like it or not and receive discounts and bids from the store closest to your house in real time.

You select a list of categories whose products and services interest you and control when you see selected offers.

Adopt a virtual pet

Earn points while having fun feeding and taking care of your pet, and get virtual accessories for your pet in a fun virtual world: Adogre World (Ehem, we are in the gamma phase and it's on its way... Patience...). Every ad you request to see feeds your pet and makes it grow! Very soon, we are currently in the prototype stage, you'll be able to adopt a lot of different pets, each one with its own peculiarities...

Help the websites you like

The ads you see (if you see them, if you want to :)...) help finance your favorite websites: each ad you see distributes a percentage of advertising revenue among associated websites where you browse. To sign up with Adogre, you just have to give an email address and say whether you're male or female and your zip code. No registry is saved regarding your name or surname. So now you know, if you want to financially support your favorite sites, just plug in "the ogre", browse wherever you want and see your requested ads and offers.

Access your control panel to find out more...

In addition to the Adogre toolbar, you can accesss the website at any time and enter your control panel. There you can change your marketing preferences, see the ranking of pets, change pets, earn more points and much more... Login now

The Adogre application allows you to...


With the Adogre application, you identify yourself and goodbye pesky ads. Let those curtains that appear when you look at the newspaper forget about you, or the dancing banners that say "you are today's winner, this is not a joke"... If you like, you can see the Adogre toolbar by clicking on the lower right corner of your browser. With the Adogre toolbar, you can access the status of your pet (if it's hungry, content...) and see those offers and ads that you have requested:


You say that you looking for something...
and you see it when you want to!

Adogre navegation toolbar

Adogre navegation toolbar

Clicking on the icons, you agree to see personlaized offers whenever you want

Adogre ads viewer

Adogre ads viewer